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English #3; What is My Holiday Plan?

Dialogue: At the school, I and Nur have some talks about our next holiday.

Nur:    Hey, Aliya! How are you doing today?
Aliya: I'm doing great! Thank you! How about you?
Nur:    I'm OK. Thanks for asking.
Aliya: Holiday is almost there, right?
Nur:   Yes, right! What is your plan for your holiday?
Aliya: I don't know for sure actually, haha... but I think I'm gonna visit my grandmother's house.                    How about you?
Nur:   Oh! That's a good plan. Where is your grandmother's house? Maybe I will go to my big                       families hometown in Bogor, just like last year.
Aliya: My grandmother's house is in Serpong, near Tangerang. Your plan is good too!
Nur:    How long will you stay in your grandmother's house?
Aliya: Well, I think I'm gonna stay there for a week or more. What are you gonna do in Bogor and                  how long??
Nur:  You'll stay for a long time! Well, I'm gonna stay there for three days, I'll …
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English #2;Miserable Story of Mine

Hello! We meet again! I'd like to tell you about some of my miserable story. It was happened when I was 4 years old.

At that time, I was being entrusted at the daycare since my mother needed to attend a seminar with her friends and my father had to work. At first, I was enjoying being at the daycare. But at the end, I got bored and missed my mother. So I was trying to get out from the daycare and the gate of the daycare wasn't locked! Since I knew how to open the gate, I made it to get out and find my mother. No one knows I was already went out from the daycare.

Fortunately, when I was walking at the street, my father came to see me. My father was so surprised saw his daughter is outside with no one. My father asked me what am i doing, and I answered that I was about to search my mother. My father took me to the daycare and complained to the owner. He couldn't take the fact that the owner forgot to lock the gate. After some conflicts, my mother came and we finally go home.…

English #1;Dialogue

At a museum, I was walking around alone. There, I saw someone who was walking alone too. I decided to greet her. Her name was Nur.

Aliya: Hello, excuse me, may I come along with you?  Nur: Yes, sure. By the way, what is your name? Aliya: My name is Aliya. What is your name? Nur: My name is Nur, nice to meet you! Aliya: Nice to meet you too! So, what are you doing here? Nur: I'm here to search something for my school assignment. How about you? Aliya: I'm here to have some recreation. By the way, what school do you go? Nur: I'm a student in 3 Bandung High School. Aliya: Oh, me too. Did you just attend to school as a 10th grader? Nur: Yes, I did. And you? Aliya: I'm a 10th grader too. What class do you attend? Nur: I attended to 3rd class. How about you? Aliya: I attended the 7th class.  Nur: Well, since we both attended the same school, can you help me a bit with my assignment? Aliya: Sure, let's search a nice place to do your job. Nur: Let's go!

Me, It's Me!

Hello, everyone! My name is Aliya Sekar Prima, you can call me Aliya! I was born on January 22nd, 2003 , and I attend to 3 Bandung Senior High School as my school after 14 Bandung Junior High School. I attend to X Science 3 class and I met many fun people there!
So I think, I will tell you some things about myself. To be honest, I'm such a shy person to tell a story about myself haha.. 
I had one younger brother and one younger sister. Yeah, I'm the first kid in my family haha... My brother just attended elementary school as a 1st grader, and my sister only 1 years old she is barely still a baby >_<. And all of us had such lovely parents like my mom and my dad.
My hobbies are read books, cook, and browse the internet. I got so much infos from internet so I think internet is so important in my life.
Okay, since I don't know what kind of things that I should write here, I'd like to tell you about my idols. I know this will be kinda cringy so please pardon myself ha…