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English #6; Sea Otter!

Hello guys, so now I would like to tell you about sea otters. Sea otters are one of my favorite animals because they are really cute... I think you guys also will love them too after saw them.

So, sea otter is one of the otter species. Otter family has 4 species, they are European otters, North American river otter, giant otters, and sea otters. All of them are from the same Subfamily, Lutrinae.

Sea otter or Enhydra Lutris is the second smallest mammals in the world. Although they are the smallest, they are the heaviest among Mustelidae family. Male sea otters usually weigh 22 - 49 kg, and 1.2 - 1.5 meters in length. Females are smaller, they are between 14 to 33 kg and 1.0 to 1.4 meters in length. Sea otters also have such thick furs, around 250,000 to a million hairs per square inch. Since they don't have layers of bubbler to make them warm, these furs help them to keep warm.

Female sea otters give a birth after 4 months of pregnancy. The birth occurs depend on their location. I…

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